Alpha Gamma Sigma @ LAMC

About Alpha Gamma Sigma

Founded in 1926, Alpha Gamma Sigma was the first community college honor society in California. The organization promotes scholarship, service and fellowship and is recognized by universities, businesses and organizations everywhere.

Arête: Excellence     Gnosis: Knowledge      Sophrosyne: Wisdom

The motto of AGS, "Add to good knowledge, character, and judgment," was adopted in 1932. The three Greek words Arête, Gnosis, and Sophrosyne were chosen as the embodiment of the motto. These were then shortened to Alpha Gamma Sigma.


History of the Gamma Eta Chapter

The Gamma Eta Chapter at Los Angeles Mission College was formed in the mid-1990s by Professor of English John Orozco. Orozco remained faculty advisor for the Gamma Eta chapter up until 1999, when he handed over control to Professor of Philosophy Mark Pursley, who is our current advisor. In the Fall of 2010, the Gamma Eta Chapter officially introduced the golden eagle as their new mascot.


Mission Statement

The mission of this chapter and organization shall be to foster, promote, maintain, and recognize scholarship among students at Los Angeles Mission College; to develop programs offering cultural, social, and enrichment activities as part of the total college experience; to promote service to the college, the community, and the Gamma Eta Chapter; and to emphasize the development of leadership, character, and judgment.

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